" It Isn't Our Hair That Needs Straightening It's Our Heads"

I want to help you take back control of your luscious locks, find out the truth about beauty products, and give you more insight on what truly gains results.

"A Inside Out Approach"

I have created a holistic approach to hair care to help you create the hair of your dreams.

I can't wait to coach you through this new way of thinking about beauty and hair care products!

It's time to harness your power and create results that will last a lifetime.

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Botanical Babe Package

Change the way you think about and fuel your beauty

Want to learn our secrets on how to fuel your beauty from the inside out?

In this course you will learn

1. Proper Hair Care & Training

2. Reading A Product Label

3. How Your Health Effects You Hair Happiness 

4. Hair Tools 

5. Supplements

6.At Home Hair Care DIY & Recipes